Misterion Riviera., a destination management company with an emphasis on conducting ecological tours along the magical river Kupa throughout Karlovac County, Lika and Gorski Kotar as well as in Bela krajina in Slovenia. It was established in 2020 as part of a cross-border project between Slovenia and Croatia Misterion - Experience the mystery of waters in partnership of several entities, which directly encourages good cooperation between Croatian and Slovenian border communities.

Main partner is a destination management company Croatia Open Land Tours DMC from Karlovac, which has been successfully operating in the entire area of central Croatia for many years. Experience and innovation in providing services in special forms of tourism are just some features of this successful agency.

Ideal time for an agency of this type

Needless to say, 2020 is different and special in every way. The world stopped for a moment, and Mother Nature sent us all a message about who is in charge. Why don`t we try to understand the message that was sent to us and start over, simply press the “reset” option.

This is where we can help you - travel agency for ecological excursions Misterion Riviera.The agency was established at the beginning of 2020, and as the year goes on, we are more and more sure that the idea is right and it falls on fertile ground.

After so much time spent in isolation, after creating new living habits, you have arrived at the right place. Rest in green, clean nature along the unique river Kupa and an abundance of rural households and local family farms whose owners are real masters in preparing local gastronomic delicacies is exactly what you are looking for. Back to basics, back to nature. Imagine waking up in a wooden house in the middle of greenery to the sound of birds and water. Imagine homemade products in which someone has woven their handicraft and part of themselves.

In short GO RURAL!

Green heart of Croatia which consists of Karlovac County, Lika and Gorski kotar is our area of work. Considering that the agency was created as a part of a joint project between Croatia and Slovenia it is important to note that we have extremely good cooperation with colleagues from the Slovenian agency Kompas Novo Mesto. Bela krajina is an ideal place to visit when you want to spend some time in nature, so we have prepared a unique seven-day offer Kompas Novo Mesto. Bela krajina idealno je mjesto za posjetiti kada se zaželite boravka u prirodi, stoga smo pripremili jedinstvenu sedmodnevnu ponudu Kupa – Kolpa.

For you, we have discovered the finest home-made food prepared on the spot, the quietest rural family estates and explored the hidden corners of untouched nature along the karst beauty Kupa, both on the Croatian and Slovenian side of the river. Apart from Kupa, we mustn`t forget other Karlovac rivers Korana, Mrežnica and Dobra. Something for everyone.

Apart from piece for your body & soul and paradise for your palate, we have also prepared various adrenaline activities for you. Rafting, canoeing, 4x4 safari rides, wine tastingtrips to nearby adrenaline parks are just part of our offer. We are very happy and very skilful to adapt to all your wishes and requirements, so we can proudly say that we are good at organizing various thematic team building workshop.

Few words about the agency

Project Misterion - Experience the mystery of waters from which tourist agency Misterion Riviera was founded, represents the historical role of man in coexistence with groundwater and life associated with them. It talks about the secrets of karst waters that can only be reached by divers and bio-speleologists, such as the discovery of an endemic species of the Dinaric cave shellfish or the mysterious human fish.

The common goal of this project is to introduce visitors to nature and to use the experience that one gets in contact with secrets of water to connect, preserve and enhance the attractiveness of unique natural and cultural heritage of this area.

With most modern technological equipment of the museum in Semič and archaeological park in Kamanje, with presentation of the site, arranged educational trails connecting 3 neighboring municipalities with Kupa, the heritage and tourist product of this area give visitors a new experience, different from all previous ones. Possibilities of new tourist experience will also increase visits of all target groups, create green work possibilities and prevent depopulation of this area.

When we talk about the economic goals of new social enterprise Misterion Riviera, they are:

  • Creating a sustainable business model of a social enterprise in tourism that will achieve financial and organizational stability in business in a 5-year period (at least 75% of revenues will be generated on the market).
  • Gradual development of tourist and other accompanying services with the inclusion and connection of local service providers in joint tourist offer of rural communities of Pokuplje and Žumberak.
  • Create surplus value through efficient operations and invest part of the realized profit in the creation of new jobs and other forms of return to the community.

Other partners of the project are LAG Vallis Colapis, County Kamanje, County Semič Slovenia, County Metlika and agency Kompas Novo Mesto